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The Hunt

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The United States Variation Unit's job is to hunt vampires, or 'variants', as the CIA calls them. New members cycle through faster than their weapons cycle shells and the job is considered a suicide mission by all that are aware of it. Those attracted to the job are normally desperate for a large amount of money in a short period of time. However, their prey could be even more desperate...


Or anywhere else ebooks are sold.

Kint's workday started off with bad weather, bad traffic, and bad customers. He didn't think the night could get worse, but then he ran into a serial killer named Jasper.

...whatever... V. 1.5

 The reprint collection you buy once and is updated with new content.
Midnight Run (2004)-A Halloween themed epic poem.
Spirit Night (2007)-A Civil War era werewolf story.
Prison Planet (2010)-A failed job interview.
The Pendant (2010)-A vampire story set in Louisville, Ky. Prologue to 'The Hunt'.
Raining Tears (2014)-An urban myth retelling about cursed artwork.
One Vote (2014)-Marvin finds out how much his vote counts.
Something This Way Flutters (2014)-Beware of people littering your yard.