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Short Stories
copyright 2016
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Kint's workday started off with bad weather, bad traffic, and bad customers. He didn't think the night could get worse, but then he ran into a serial killer named Jasper.
I CAN FLY (free PDFCreative Commons 2.0, copyright 2008)-A psychodrama of one man's last day in the office.

copyright 2016

United State of Arrogance--A response to Putin's NYT letter.
United We Can Change--A call to American citizens.
One Country, One Voice--An attack on our political walls.
A Word or Two to US Citizens--A look at several important issues in the USA.
A Word or Two About My Thyroid--The story of my misdiagnosed thyroid.
A Word or Two About Gun Violence--Statistics on gun violence and practical suggestions for reduction.
A Word or Two to the People Inciting the Current Climate--An open letter to cops, BLM, and news agencies.
A Word or Two About Why Cops Need to Speak Up--Why cops need to take a stand against police violence.

*The first paragraph of each essay is available on Authorsden.

A Word on Music (on Emz Newz, copyright 2016)-A guest blog post on the power of music.
World Building: Exteriors
(free PDF, copyright 2013)-World building essay.

2000 Years of Human History
Many of my science fiction stories are/will be set in this world, including novellas, short stories, a tabletop RPG and modules, and other random projects. The timespan starts a few years after present and includes many settings: a post-apocalyptic future, the rebirth of nation states to form a single world government, the settlement of the solar system, the destruction of that new expansion of civilization, and the settlement of a planet light-years away.
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*Ott & Ren line art by garylarts.
Spirit Night reading
A Word or Two to US Citizens
A Word or Two About Yellowstone
A Word or Two to the Men of the Women I've Known
Bad Cops (Bad Boys poetic parody)
Take It or Leave It (Leave Iraq remix)
UEF Education Film #010456 The Disturbance 2000-2200
The Last Stop
Rich Kids and Their Toys
3 1/2 Adventurers
Interviews The Neverwinter Nights Podcast #189
The Neverwinter Nights Podcast #183


These are a few of the many memes that I've created for one reason or another.