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Death Derby: Core Deck
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Win the race. Kill your opponent. Whatever works.
The year is 2200 and it's the end of a 200 year period of strife call The Disturbance. Survivors of manmade and natural disasters struggle to live in a world that has been poisoned and devastated beyond recognition. The new extreme sport and source of income for many are Death Derby races in which competitors vie for the win or just to survive.
*Random courses that are formed from 15 track sections.
*12 vehicles that can be upgraded with 37 different modifications.
*40 action cards that can influence the outcome in multiple ways.
*Can be played with minimal supplies.

TDTR: Core Rules and Post-apocalyptic Time Period
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*Unlimited attribute, level, and skill advancement.
*Skill and recipe system.
*Weapon, armor, and vehicle modifications.
*Compact 'Pocket RPG', requiring only this book, 2D10, character sheets, pencil, and maps to play.
*Recommended for players aged 17 and up.

A century of change has transformed society. Airborne Ebola and panic killed 300 million from 2031-32, the Greenland ice sheet collapsed in 2080, and Erebus hit Antarctica in 2115, melting the ice cap. A nuclear war for resource control ended in 2126 with every country in the world devastated by environmental and man made horrors. Governments fell as the population plunged and survivors turned to a sustenance, scavenger, or cannibal lifestyle. Gold dust, gained through hard work or blood, becomes the only thing that will buy what a person needs. Unknown to those descending into it, this dark time will last 200 years and end in more war.

The Post-apocalyptic Time Period is the first of three RPG settings that will utilize the same character sheet and build upon the world in which they take place.

General PDFs


TDTR: Diseases and Conditions
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Do you need more options for when your players insist on searching rotting corpses? Do they single out those who are weak and need divine justice? Do they insist that polluted water is good for them? Well, good news! Here are 30 diseases and conditions to surprise them with, ranging from annoying colds to deadly Ebola. Give them a reason to to say WTF! Convince them they shouldn't mess with sick people! Send them on an epic quest with the sole reward of getting to live longer!

TDTR: Lunatic Larry and the Church of the Insane
A post-apocalyptic adventure for 3-5 characters of levels 4-6.
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The arrival of a ragged out truck carrying a worried father sets the stage for the adventurers to look into the activities of a local cult known for their strange behavior. Led by a man called Lunatic Larry, the cult operates out of a makeshift fort looking to bring their own brand of peace to the world. Will the party rescue the girl? Join the cult? Or die trying?