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Young wakes up in a hospital room, turning into the same thing that killed his wife: a vampire. It's a notion that he ceased laughing at as he set out in pursuit of his wife's murderer and the defiler of his body.

Roek finds himself in London, Ky after escaping the mess he'd created at his previous hunting ground. He doesn't know that he is already being stalked.

Haskel Peters and Sonja Murray prepare the United States Variation Unit for yet another bloody hunt. They're unaware that they're stepping between another man and his revenge.

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An unseen traveler lurked within flight 308 to Paris, France. A traveler that infected everyone aboard and raced across the world while those in charge of its containment denied the real danger. Few survived the carnage, fewer left any record. Moss Valley was one of them.
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Airborne Ebola terrorizes the world from a tiny start in an African forest, causing a third of a billion deaths before burning out. The chaos takes far longer to subside as people deal with the modern world's first Plague.

Ark of the Lonesome by Jenner Michaud
Learning Curve by Ginny Bowman
The Wolf Strain by Jenner Michaud
Escape by Jeremiah Donaldson
copyright 2015
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Conan meets Mad Max in this pulp fiction adventure.

Ott and Ren want to reach Denver for a chance to place in a city sponsored death race that will keep them in food, ammo, and fuel for some time afterwards. Instead, they find themselves on the poisoned shore of what had once been the west coast of Canada with a broken down car. The only way for them to move onward is to infiltrate a cannibal infested island and retrieve the one thing needed to fix their vehicle.

'The characters, both main and background, were well realized and fully developed.The story was fun, bloody, and action-packed. I just became sad when I got to the end of the novella because I wanted more of everything...the world, Ott and Ren, She and Hope, and the race that they were on their way towards.'--Kelli, full review on Goodreads.
copyright 2014


Airborne Ebola has found a foothold in many large cities around the world, causing mass panic and mob mentality as people attempt to escape the circumstances they're thrown into. Here are a few stories of bravery, viciousness, and survival from those trying to escape the next Plague.

The Tomb by Matthew Wilson
Going to School by Ginny Bowman
All of a Heap by Jenner Michaud
John's Story by Jeremiah Donaldson

'All the stories here are well written and take a scary look at the human condition when things are at their worse and don’t have much to live for. This is a timely and chilling anthology due to the outbreaks of Ebola that have been talked about in the news lately and its is an anthology that you won’t want to miss.'--David, full review on Goodreads.
...whatever... V. 1.5
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 The short story collection you buy once and update for new content.

v. 1.1 stories:
Midnight Run (horror)--A Halloween themed epic poem.
Spirit Night (horror)--A Civil War era werewolf story.
Prison Planet (science fiction)--A failed job interview. 
The Pendant (horror)--A vampire story set in Louisville, Ky.

v. 1.3 addition:
Raining Tears (supernatural)--An urban myth retelling about cursed artwork.

v. 1.5 additions:
One Vote (supernatural)--Marvin finds out how much his vote counts.
Something This Way Flutters (psychological horror)--Beware of people littering your yard. Read it on Horror Addicts.
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Drim and Regis think life in a country ruled by an insane, father murdering king had reached deplorable levels, and then they know it has when they attract enough attention for the king to ask favors.

Eyes welcomed the chance to finally escape the colony ship that had been the Protectors home for centuries, but he didn't plan on being dumped off like a criminal thanks to the outcome of a long fought power struggle he'd got distracted from.

One-Who-Pushes-Buttons-Quickly of the Blue Line Hive couldn't believe his luck. One random find propelled him from his Water Node on Sol 3 to taking part in a mission to absorb the remaining examples of mankind and lay the foundation for a new refueling station.

None knew it would be The Last Stop for each of their cultures.

'His book The Last Stop is a great Scifi novel. It shows that greed and power flourish no matter how evolved we think we are. I recommend this book highly.'--full reveiw on Amazon.
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Explicit content.

Take a strange walk down the road with the patron of potheads and other types of heads, The Ephiroll Man, in this collection of ridiculously offensive poetry.
copyright 2006
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Creative Commons property. Reuse, including commercial reuse, allowed.

Take a strange ride. 'Outside the Window at Work' will give you a glance of what it's like to work a desk job that gives you plenty of time to watch the outside world while being paid. Then read a compare and contrast paper like no other as the entire concept of a compare and contrast essay gets turned around in 'Compare and Contrast: A Compare and Contrast Essay'. Once you’re done traversing the informative, yet sarcastic and darkly humorous essays a collection of poetry awaits that ranges from the very dark and brooding to the epic in such poems as 'The Giver Taker', 'Rolling Stone', and 'Quest's End'.
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