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Death Derby: A Post-apocalyptic Card Game
Game Rules (PDF)
Nature's Rage rule card (JPG)
Dangerous Ground rule card (JPG)

The Disturbance Timeline

2000 Years of Human History
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Many of Jeremiah Donaldson's projects are set in this world, including novellas, short stories, a tabletop RPG, and card games. The timespan starts a few years after present and includes many settings: a post-apocalyptic future, the rebirth of nation states to form a single world government, the settlement of the solar system, the destruction of that new expansion of civilization, and the settlement of a planet light-years away.

The Disturbance Timeline RPG PDFs
General PDFs
Post-apocalyptic Expanision v. 1.5
Character Sheet
Example Characters
Hex Paper
Intro1   Intro2   Intro3   Intro Arena
Lunatic Larry and the Church of the Insane
Post-apocalyptic World Map

Wallpapers (1366x768)

Free Fiction
I Can Fly (free PDF, 2008)-A psychodrama of one man's last day in the office.

The Stoned Poet: Legend of the Ephiroll Man
Free PDF
Explicit content.
Take a strange walk down the road with the patron of potheads and other types of heads, The Ephiroll Man, in this collection of ridiculously offensive poetry.

Running From Sanity
Free PDF
Take a strange ride. 'Outside the Window at Work' will give you a glance of what it's like to work a desk job that gives you plenty of time to watch the outside world while being paid. Then read a compare and contrast paper like no other as the entire concept of a compare and contrast essay gets turned around in 'Compare and Contrast: A Compare and Contrast Essay'. Once you’re done traversing the informative, yet sarcastic and darkly humorous essays a collection of poetry awaits that ranges from the very dark and brooding to the epic in such poems as 'The Giver Taker', 'Rolling Stone', and 'Quest's End'.

Free NonFiction
Freedom: A Great Lie (on Authorsden, 2019)-Why 'freedom' is a nonsense concept.
Potential Sources of the Poisoned Mentality in US Politics
(on Authorsden, 2019)-Potential contributors to the poisoned political climate.
Equality: Liberalism's El Dorado
(on Authorsden, 2019)-Why no one is equal and no one wants to be.
Politism: A New 'ism
(on Authorsden, 2019)-A new 'ism is in town.
Dehumanization and Sacrifices
(on Authorsden, 2019)-The reality of abortion.
Dehellenization of the West
(on Authorsden, 2019)-A look at what's up with the Western world.
1950: The Beginning of the End of Men
(on Authorsden, 2018)-A look at when US men went wrong.
A Word on Music
(on Emz Newz, 2016)-A guest blog post on the power of music.
A Few Words About Climate Change (on Authorsden, 2016)-The reality of the climate change situation.
A Word or Two About Why Cops Need to Speak Up (on Authorsden, 2016)-A few words on why cops need to speak up against the violence perpetrated on our citizens.
A Word or Two to the People Inciting the Current Climate (on Authorsden, 2016)-A few blunt words on the current police violence/race issue.
A Word or Two About Gun Violence (on Authorsden, 2016)-This lays out the statistics on gun violence as they are and suggests some practical answers to the problem instead of letting the Federal government helicopter parent things.
A Word or Two About My Thyroid (on Authorsden, 2016)-My story of being misdiagnosed.
A Word or Two to US Citizens (on Authorsden, 2016)-A 2016 update of my 2014 essay '7 Points'.
One Country, One Voice (on Authorsden, 2013)-An attack on the political walls in our country.
United State of Arrogance (on Authorsden, 2013)-A response to Putin's 'exceptional' article.
World Building: Exteriors (free PDF, 2013)-World building essay.

YouTube videos
(2019 videos and more recent also on Bitchute)
Potential Sources of the Poisoned Mentality in US Politics
Taming of the Pansy reading
Death Derby videos

Spirit Night reading
A Word or Two to US Citizens
A Word or Two About Yellowstone
A Word or Two to the Men of the Women I've Known
Bad Cops (Bad Boys poetic parody)
Take It or Leave It (Leave Iraq remix)
UEF Education Film #010456 The Disturbance 2000-2200
The Last Stop
BeoWolf-Neverwinter MMO Foundry
Rich Kids and Their Toys-Neverwinter MMO Foundry
3 1/2 Adventurers-Neverwinter MMO Foundry

Other Appearances
Horror Addicts #142 (2017)
The Neverwinter Nights Podcast #189 (2014)
The Neverwinter Nights Podcast #183 (2014)
Horror Addicts #17 (2009)