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Jeremiah Donaldson is a writer, editor, game designer, free thinker, corporate slave, and overly blunt commentator that grew up in rural Kentucky and lived in Florida for 13 years before moving back in 2008.

He started working on a farm at a young age and ran around construction jobs with his dad over the course of many summers and mowed yards. He started writing at an early age, and produced his first rudimentary story by age 10 and his first work of length at 14. Some combination of odd jobs and writing continued until he got out of high school and worked as a CNA.

Writing was mostly forgotten as he maintained up to three jobs at a time for many years and his daughter was born in 2003. A dream that became the prologue of 'Plague' renewed his interest in writing in 2004.

At some point, sometimes at the same time, he has held jobs as a dishwasher, CNA, data processor, cabinet installer, fast food worker, office clerk, kitchen manager, delivery driver, factory mule, and call center asshole. He produces what he can between doing everything else.