The Disturbance Timeline

2000 years of human history

Copyright 2014-2019

Jeremiah Donaldson

2022: North Korea nuked Seoul, starting The Asian War in their bid for reunification.

2025: The war ended with China, India, Russia, and the United States agreeing to split North Korea among the regional powers, eradicating the country as an independent state.

2027: (Prison Planet)

2030: (Chipped)

2031-32: More than 300 million people died from a pandemic of airborne Ebola and the panic it caused.

(Plague storyline)

2045: The Very Massive Eye Telescope is completed between Earth and Mars.

2058: The VME Telescope found an Earth-twin planet 900 light years away scientists called NE57G.

2080: The Greenland ice sheet collapsed centuries earlier than predicted after rivers of water tunneled through it for decades.

2098: The worlds' space agencies launched The God Star Mission to colonize NE57G.

2115.4.20: Observers in the southern hemisphere spot a 50 kilometer wide asteroid emerging from the sun's glare.

2115.4.23: The metallic body slammed into Antarctica, breaking apart the weakened icecap from the resulting heat and earthquakes.

2117: The colony mission received their last message from Earth.

2122: The human population fell to only one billion due to worldwide catastrophe.

2123: Countries with nuclear weapons used them against their neighbors in attempts to control the few resources remaining.

2126: War stopped because everything they deemed worth fighting for had been destroyed. Only 30.33 million people remained.

2130 to the end of the Post-apocalyptic Period in 2340:

(RPG and Death Derby setting)

(Ott & Ren storyline)

2200: Neo Moscow, the first of the new city states, rises to power.

2340: The United Earth Federation emerged in what used to be Canada. Their strict, utilitarian ways draw people together for survival before turning against the rest.

2390: The UEF announced that the entire world had joined the federation or succumbed to their army of clones.

2395: The years from 2000-2200 are coined 'The Disturbance' by UEF textbooks.

2396: Renewed space exploration discovered the remains of the Very Massive Eye telescope.

2414: Astronomers realized the planet they call 'Promise' was also recorded as NE57G. Its parent star is named Yang Het in honor of Stan Yang Lo Het, the engineer who restored the VME to working order.

2550: The Ship is launched to colonize 'Promise'.

2700: The UEF announced control over the solar system out to the Kuiper belt.

2742: UEF scientists build the first time machine prototype.

2824: Time machine plans are leaked by corporate activists who claim the never ending supply of exploitable resources are for everyone's use. This leads to the privatization of time mining companies and formation of time tourism.

2860: The UEF imploded and civil war waged through the solar system as every planet, moon, and asteroid with a colony proclaimed independence. The primary trigger was UEF troops enforcing new laws that controlled the exploitation of humans in time machine created dimensions.

2876: The UEF capital in New Yellowknife is nuked out of existence by a disgruntled Asian/Moon alliance, ending the civil war.

3100: The first colonist arrived at NE57G and encounter wildlife they didn't expect or had weaponry to fight.

3150.7.28: A mass die-off is reported from a genetically modified food ingredient that acted as a time bomb in the human DNA sequence. Without time to grow or develop something new, every human in the solar system picked between starving or eating available food and dying as DNA damage snowballed out of control.

3150.9.7: The Ship received a last transmission from the solar system saying everyone would soon be dead.

3231: The Mutiny Wars started on The Ship.

3300: Earth has become a legend to the first colonists who have reverted to cave dwellers.

3607: The Mutiny Wars end, and the second colonists rebrand themselves The Protectors.

3633: Those-Who-Absorb-All find Earth and begin siphoning off the poisoned oceans for fuel.

4100.10.12: The Protectors arrived at the Last Stop after centuries of cramped conditions and infighting to find a low tech human civilization.

(The Last Stop)